A brief introduction
Adriano Campioni: managing director
Alberto Campioni: factory director
Elena Campioni: international sales director

Our company was established in 1947 and still remains a typical family business, combining dynamism and care for quality.
Exports, only marginal thirty years ago, now make up around 97% of our turnover.
Our brands Campioni, Delco, Morosin, Primavera, Rustichella are distributed all over the world: Europe, Africa, the Gulf Region, the Far East, Australia, Canada, Argentina.
Brands and products
250 g, 375 g, 400 g, 500 g, 1 kg and other packing sizes on demand

Our catalogue will illustrate quite a rich assortment of pasta shapes and types: pasta
made of durum wheat semolina, egg pasta, tricolour pasta (with tomato and/or spinach) and wholewheat pasta.
Moreover a special section is dedicated to lasagne and cannelloni.

The offer’s richness, however, is not limited to our catalogue, VERSATILITY being one
of our points of strength.
Our true specialty? Pasta ... "tailor-made" !
HACCP plan formally implemented in 1998
IFS certification in itinere

Pastificio Donato Campioni snc - via Stazione, 14 - 20062 Cassano d'Adda, Milano, Italy
tel ++39 0363 61061   fax ++39 0363 65101

Codice fiscale e partita IVA / VAT / TVA / MWSt : IT 00024050155